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Celebrate Octoberfest at Les Folies Brasserie


What’s better than having an authentic French restaurant close to where you live? When that authentic French restaurant knows how to celebrate the change of seasons with their Octoberfest celebration! On Wednesday, October 19th, Les Folies Brasserie in Annapolis will host its annual Octoberfest. The restaurant is located just under two miles from Stone Point apartments and serves authentic French cuisine all year long.

On the day of the celebration, special dishes in the spirit of the German holiday will be available, including cabbage soup, wiener schnitzel and a traditional apple strudel. And the food won’t be the only thing dressing up — costumes are encouraged and staff and guests will be seen in traditional German garb. There will be a cover charge of $8 per person, but this includes entertainment from a live band. Those looking to attend should make a reservation ahead of time to reserve their spot.