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Gather Clues and Find Your Way Out of a Locked Room at Mission Escape Rooms


A unique entertainment experience for groups, Mission Escape Rooms hosts interactive games at its in Annapolis location. Here, groups of 1 to 12 can experience the challenges each of the rooms present and work together as a team to find a way out.

Each room varies in difficulty at Mission Escape, and they will each test your problem-solving skills and challenge your ability to find clues, piece together hints, and escape in 50 minutes or less. The friendly staff, clever clues, and impressive detail make for a great party activity, work lunch break, school trip or birthday. Players get to choose from any of the five rooms, such as "Alice in Wonderland" or "Edgar Allen Poe", and then receive specific instructions on how to begin the challenge. First time visitors have a blast solving each puzzle, while frequent players love noticing new details they might have missed.

As the number of players per room is limited, guests should reserve the room they wish to solve and arrive 15 minutes early.