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Light House Bistro: Delicious Dishes For a Good Cause


Local restaurants are always a hub of activity, a major part of the local economy, and an overall positive force in their neighborhood. In Annapolis, the Light House Bistro is taking those aspects to new levels with their unique approach.

Light House Bistro just opened recently, but its concept of social enterprise is what's winning people over quickly. The restaurant is a part of the 202 West Street Project, which provides culinary training and supportive housing to help curb homelessness, while also offering catering services and a restaurant for consumers to enjoy. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served every day, elevating classic comfort foods like meatloaf, pastas and steaks with fresh, flavorful herbs and vegetables. It's shaping up to be a real force for good in the community, and a wonderful place to have a meal, too!