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Try a Wide Variety of Classes at Club Pilates Annapolis


If you’ve ever wanted to try pilates but find jumping straight into a class to be a bit intimidating, Club Pilates Annapolis might be right for you. This Riva Road studio takes a different approach to getting people acclimated to the concepts and fundamentals of pilates, which makes it a go-to for anyone looking to make this a new part of their fitness routine.

At Club Pilates, there is no stress when it comes to picking a class, because initially, there is no class to pick. Newcomers start off by trying a free demo class, where instructors teach you the basics of pilates, and assess your overall abilities. These instructors want to ensure you find the ideal “workout match” for not just your current fitness level, but for the wellness goals you want to achieve. From that first class, you’ll discover a world of different exercise routines, and going forward, you’ll be able to take various classes to keep things interesting.