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Discover Stories From African-American History at the Banneker-Douglass Museum


Benjamin Banneker and Frederick Douglass both played starring roles in the abolition of American slavery, not just in Maryland, but on the national stage. Scientist and mathematician Banneker wrote directly to Thomas Jefferson denouncing the practice of slavery as comparable to the tyranny of British colonial rule, while Douglass worked with presidents and other high-ranking politicians to ultimately ban slavery. This important pair is the perfect combined namesake for Annapolis's Banneker-Douglass Museum, which is dedicated to African-American history.

Come to the museum to explore a collection that features artifacts from different aspects of African and African-American life. The pieces range from sculptures sourced from the Guinea Coast to paintings and other works of art crafted by Maryland-based African-American artists. The museum also hosts a rotating roster of special exhibits that allow guests to delve deeper into the lives of local African-American agents of change.