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Try a Women-Only Fitness Class Inspired by Tribal Dance at Annapolis Power Yoga


You could search the schedules of yoga studios all across the city and never find anything quite like the Buti class at Annapolis Power Yoga. That's because this class doesn't strictly cover yoga. It incorporates different elements of tribal dance and plyometrics with yoga to create a form of exercise that's as fun and uplifting as it is beneficial to your body. What's more, the class is for women only, so it celebrates the feminine.

Men and women of all ability levels are invited to come to the Vinyasa Power Hour, however. In a room heated to approximately 90 degrees, pupils flow through a quick-moving series of Vinyasa poses set to up-tempo music. The class builds strength and gets practitioners sweating. Check out XY Sculpt if you want to incorporate some high-intensity interval training into your routine or try Slow Flow to relax and unwind after a grueling day at work.

Public Domain/Pixabay/StockSnap