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Savor Fresh Shellfish at Sailor Oyster Bar


Trusted publications including Baltimore Magazine, The Local Palate, and UpStart Annapolis have all awarded rave reviews to Sailor Oyster Bar, calling it one of the best, most unique seafood spots in the area. If you're a fan of shellfish and tinned fish, you'll probably be equally enthralled by the selection at Sailor Oyster Bar.

Start with some local oysters on the half-shell with cocktail mignonette and hot sauce or your choice of tinned fish with bread, salted butter, and greens. The collection of tinned fish ranges from La Brujula yellowfin tuna belly to the opulent Bemka white sturgeon caviar. Nibble on a few snacks, too, like the spiced nuts or pickles, while you pore over the rest of the menu. Pick an inventive crudo dish, perhaps the torched eel with avocado, baby red kale, spiced walnuts, and apricot honey, or try the Merchant Marine sandwich stuffed with charcuterie, chive butter, pesto, manchego cheese, aged balsamic truffle oil, and hot sauce.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Pexels