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Solve Riddles to Earn Your Freedom at Mission Escape Rooms


You can travel to the Wild West, into a fairytale forest, or to the depths of the ocean without ever leaving Annapolis when you come to Mission Escape Rooms. It hosts four escape rooms and each features a different theme. Depending on the size of your group and how challenging you want your experience to be, make your pick.

The easiest to escape is the "Sinking Submarine," which can hold up to eight players. The scenario goes like this: when you enter the room, you actually step inside of an old submarine, and there's a problem. It's going under—and not in the usual way. You have 50 minutes to solve the clues and riddles that will lead you to safety. If you're up for a more of a challenge, book the "Wild West Saloon," the most difficult of all four rooms. You and up to seven friends are tasked with hoodwinking Big Bill, the Wild West's most fearsome leader, and making off with his gold before he shows up in 50 minutes. Are you up to the challenge?

Public Domain/Pixabay/siala