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Create a Stronger Body at Chesapeake Pilates Center


The practice of Pilates was created decades ago by namesake Joseph Pilates. His goal was to invent a form of exercise that was accessible to anyone and everyone, from the persona recovering from an injury to the seasoned athlete. At Chesapeake Pilates Center, highly trained instructors pay homage to his creation with a mix of classes.

The instructors use different types of Pilates equipment to enhance the routine. Their Reformer classes enlist this specialized piece of equipment to provide resistance as you flow through the Pilates workout, while the Tower class combines elements of mat work and Tower work to shape stronger muscles. The signature Full Studio class dabbles in many different pieces of Pilates equipment, including the Reformer, Chair, Tower, Barrels, and, of course, the mat. Pick your class and start building a leaner physique.

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