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Sip Local Wines at Great Frogs

You might not think of Annapolis as a prime wine-producing region, and to a certain extent, you’re right. Its sandy loam soil tends to create vines that produce too many grapes, and the crowding reduces the quality of the fruit. However, the team at the local vineyard Great Frogs have found a way around this. They tirelessly prune and harvest each vine by hand so the grapes they produce are just as delicious as anything grown in the Napa Valley.

Stop by Great Frogs’ tasting room, tucked away in a rustic barn, to savor the local vino. Hoppy Hour is held every Friday from 4 to 7 p.m. and promises live music by a local performer. On brisk autumn nights, the barn is stocked with lots of blankets and heaters to keep you cozy all Hoppy Hour long.