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Build a Stronger Body at Annapolis Power Yoga

At Annapolis Power Yoga, Vinyasa classes are just the beginning. The studio specializes in unique fusion fitness classes you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else, like its XY HIIT session. The class incorporates yoga postures into rounds of high-intensity interval training, all performed in a room heated to about 80 degrees.

The fast-paced class is designed to get your heart rate up and torch calories, but you could say that about any of the classes at Annapolis Power Yoga. The Vinyasa Beats class builds strength and endurance, all to the tune of current hits. The thumping beats guide your movement as you flow through a nonstop series of challenging yoga postures. When you’re more interested in unwinding than burning calories, come to a restorative yoga class, which will help to quiet your mind.