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Enjoy a Private Wine Tasting at Great Frogs


Rain, shine, or snow, the winemakers at Great Frogs work tirelessly to ensure that their grapes are well taken care of. They toil around the clock to hand-prune and harvest their vines at the peak of freshness. In fact, they always do their harvesting in the dark since the cooler temperatures preserve the bold, locally specific flavors of the fruit.

Make a reservation in the tasting room to try some of Great Frogs’ artisan vino. You’ll receive the undivided attention of your tasting guide, who will highlight each note of the wine as you swirl and sip. From chardonnay to rosé to dessert wine, the winery has a wide array of varietals to offer. When you taste a vino you love, make a mental note to grab a full bottle before heading back home.