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Step Back in Time at the Maryland Renaissance Festival

Every weekend through the end of October, the Maryland Renaissance Festival will be providing a whimsical journey back in time to fictional Revel Grove. This year's storyline centers on King Henry VIII’s courtship of Anne Boelyn, who will visit this year's festival in an attempt to garner public support for her ascension to the royal family. When you arrive at the gates, you'll be issued a map and schedule that will lay out everything happening on site that day, across 8 stages, multiple attractions, and street performances. Tickets cost $20 for adults through September 8, and step up in price as the season goes on. If you think you might return, consider picking up a multi-day or season pass. Costumes are welcome, and are even available to rent on-site for men, women and children. Insider tip: though some festival vendors will take credit cards, it's best to arrive with plenty of cash.