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Taro Smoothies: Drink to Your Health


Downtown Annapolis has been graced by the opening of a new smoothie and tea bar, Taro Smoothie N Tea. The cafe just opened earlier this year and already has a reputation for using fresh, never frozen fruits and veggies or added sweeteners. They’ve also been said to have friendly customer service from employees who love what they’re doing. The owner, an Annapolis native, supplies his cafe with biodegradable cups and straws. There’s never been an easier (or tastier) way to care for your body and planet at the same time.

The menu is made up of numbered items with a quick breakdown of the ingredients included in the beverage. This simplifies the ordering process. However, if you’re looking for something a little extra they don’t mind adding in protein powder, chia seeds or several other items. They often have a seasonal option to choose from, as well. The drinks have been described as not too sweet and the ingredients are noticeably fresh.