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Suds and Sunshine Meet at Reynolds Tavern and 1747 Pub


In these last few weeks of summer, it’s important to finish the fun strong and take in as much sunshine as possible. At Reynolds Tavern and 1747 Pub, you can do just that thanks to their outdoor beer garden. Open seven days a week, the beer garden showcases American and craft beers, with a special focus on brews created right here in Maryland. 

Don’t be misled by the image of sipping an ice cold beer in the summer sun, though. At Reynolds Tavern and 1747, you’ll be surrounded by history as you drink your beverage of choice. The Tavern itself was where William Reynolds ran his hat business and “ordinary” (tavern) and rented rooms to visitors. The building passed hands through the years until now, nearly 275 years later, when it’s returned to its roots. In fact, the beer garden itself sits on space once occupied by Reynolds’ stables, with a view of the old magnolia tree and smokehouse! 

Surrounded by historical significance and enjoying your drink of choice, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t spent every possible summer evening enjoy the beer garden at Reynolds Tavern and 1747 Pub—and be ready to take advantage of it as much as possible before the season comes to an end.