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Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Herons at Quiet Waters Park


Strolling along a body of water is one of the most peaceful activities there is, and doing so at Quiet Waters Park is no exception. With over 340 acres to enjoy, the park includes a playground, pavilions, and picnic areas, as well as “trails winding through forests and past grassy fields.” Perhaps most important, Quiet Waters Park gives you plenty of space to get away from it all and lose yourself in your thoughts or the views for a while. 

Before becoming the park that locals now know and love, Quiet Waters was a farm, and its history extends far beyond that. So much so, in fact, that Anne Arundel County can, to some degree, trace the land back to the era of the last ice age! 

Today, though, the park is home to the Quiet Waters Visitor Center, including two art galleries, as well as six rentable pavilions, the Blue Heron Center, The James Lighthizer Gazebo, and more. The park is ideal for weddings and other events or just walking along the South River Overlook, wandering the gardens, or even ice skating come winter. 

With breathtaking views and centuries of history, Quiet Waters Park has something for everyone to enjoy.