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No Plans for the Weekend? Go Mountain-Biking at the Bacon Ridge Trailhead


If you have a mountain bike, you can bike phase 1 of the Bacon Ridge Trail. At 2.5 miles, this portion marked the first natural surface singletrack here in Anne Arundel County. As such, it’s beginner- and family-friendly, ready for cyclists of all ages and experience levels to get a taste for the joys that a mountain bike can bring. 

Bacon Ridge Trailhead offers a relatively smooth ride, without rocks and with limited roots to bypass. The winding trails feature plenty of shade and are apt to dry quickly after it’s rained, a critical feature as the weather changes. In fact, the trail was hand-built to ensure the best riding experience possible. 

If you’re heading to the trail with the whole family, rest assured that the kids will be fine. Parking is available for visitors and a Porta-Potty is waiting in the lot for those all-important bathroom breaks. 

Winter will be here before we know it, giving all the more reason to hit the trail now. Embrace the brisk fall air after the heat of summer and pedal your heart out, friends or family of any skill level in tow⁠—even the family dog can tag along!