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Don’t Skip the Croissants at Black Market Bakers Food Truck


You may not be jetting off to Paris anytime soon, but at least you have the Black Market Bakers Food Truck. This European-style bakery on wheels has simply divine breads and pastries, the likes of which are hard to get without a trip across the pond. Flaky croissants, chewy breads, and buttery scones are the basis of the truck’s delectable menu items, whether you take your pastry straight with an exceptional cup of hot coffee, or turned into a satisfying breakfast sandwich or seasonal avocado toast. Black Market Bakers Food Truck also has vegan options, plus will do their best to accommodate food allergies. The best bread makes all the difference, and Black Market Bakers Food Truck knows their way around an oven. 

Find the truck on Solomons Island Road in Annapolis, and do yourself a big favor. Get sandwich and coffee for now, and a dozen of whatever croissants and scones they have on hand for later. You won’t regret it.