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Treat Your Valentine to Something Sweet From Chocolate Moonshine of Maryland


When the reviews say things like, “…the chocolate is much more than a cute idea. It is some of the best chocolate we’ve ever had!” You know it’s a place you want to try! Customers are raving about the newly opened Chocolate Moonshine of Maryland, now open in the Annapolis Mall. 

Known for their small-batch fudge and truffles, this small regional chain has started producing more and more, still sticking with that small-batch methodology that brings so much flavor and love to each confection they make. They use only the finest ingredients which truly shines through in every decadent, delicious bite. 

The shop carries their famous gourmet fudge with flavors like pumpkin cheesecake, toffee crunch, raspberry chocolate truffle, cherry bourbon, tiramisu, and so many more. They also have alcohol-infused chocolates which make for a perfect Valentine’s Day treat. If you really want to give a gift that keeps on giving, get your Valentine a Moonshiner Club subscription where they’ll receive treats for months at a time.